What I’m reading and writing, April 20

• This morning on Extracurriculars I posted “Everybody’s playing ‘Expansionology,’ “ entailing all the rumors, conjecture and scenarios about major college athletic conference realignment. And why all this speculation is so much fun.

• On Twitter I posted a link to a story about the Obama Administration’s decision to make Title IX sports activists very, very happy (as if there is any other option) in resolving a problem that apparently did not exist.

While I fully support the growth and advancement of women’s sports, the push for proportionality is an abomination of the whole idea of equality and fairness. Look for more reductions of men’s teams as the numbers game ratchets up.

• I also read a column by David Brooks in The New York Times disputing assertions that “Daily Me” surfing on the Web leads to insularity in political views, etc. Instead, Internet news consumers are:

“a bunch of ideological Jack Kerouacs . . . cruising far and wide looking for adventure, information, combat and arousal. This does not mean they are not polarized.”

When I start agreeing with Brooks as much as I have lately, I wonder if I’m being more open-minded in my thinking than I imagined, or he’s just been really compelling.

Probably a little of both.

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