What I’m reading and writing, April 21

Most of the day has been spent reading and researching forthcoming blog posts on women’s basketball and more fallout from Tuesday’s Title IX ruling by the Obama Administration.

• The NCAA, of course, is fully on board with this decision, which eliminates schools using results from model surveys to meet the third test for Title IX compliance.

Yet even it admits the model survey component wasn’t used all that much during the five years of its existence, which goes back to my initial point: This supposedly “fixes” a problem that didn’t exist.

• One of the writers of the original Title IX sports regulations, first issued in 1979, lets the cat out of the bag about the true objective at hand.

• When the rare women’s program is cut, as was the case recently at UC-Davis, most of the attention is centered on that women’s team. The three men’s teams that also were eliminated there were mentioned only in passing.

• Coupled with BCS conference expansion and realignment, football at the FCS level may also be endangered, since they don’t produce the revenues that the big boys do.

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