What I’m reading and writing, April 22

• On Extracurriculars today I posted a roundup of commentary on the Jerry Jones video and the continuing debate about journalism ethics. There’s a sizable philosophical gap between old and new media types that’s bound to stay hardened for some time.

• The remembrances are pouring in for the late Juan Antonio Samaranch, and this New York Times piece leaves me inclined to regard him as a “most exceptional” IOC chief, instead of “best ever.” Sorry, I’m from Atlanta. Couldn’t help that.

I found it interesting that Donna de Varona was willing to excuse some of the ethical lapses that occurred on Samaranch’s watch because he oversaw the growth of women’s sports in the Olympics.

• In a previous life, of course, Samaranch was far from progressive. Not only that, Charles Pierce helpfully reminds us that in his later incarnation he presided over

“one of the most corrupt institutions ever devised by man, at least since we stopped electing Borgia popes.”

• Can male athletes who behave in rather retrograde ways toward women expect to get off the hook any longer? If the Tiger Woods and Ben Roethlisberger cases are any indication, perhaps not, argues ESPN.com’s Howard Bryant.

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