What I’m reading and writing, April 26

I’m sticking close to the home front today while continuing story/blog research on some other, more expansive topics. For now, allow me to be just a bit parochial:

• Some of my former AJC colleagues are reminiscing about the downtown Atlanta building the newspaper has now vacated for the suburbs, while others have been chattering about a new policy of “balance” on the editorial pages that doesn’t include unsigned staff editorials.

That last topic sparked some debate on the Poynter Forums board pro-voce and con, and pro again. I wrote on Ink-Drained Kvetch back in October that I was saddened that the voice of an institution has been silenced, especially one with a great history of speaking out in favor of unpopular ideals.

Georgia Lt. Gov. Lester Maddox taking a lighter to The Atlanta Constitution, 1971 (The Oxford American)

Segregationist political stalwart Lester Maddox burns The Atlanta Constitution in 1971, when he was Georgia's lieutenant governor. (The Oxford American)

There’s a way to maintain a vigorous voice, an identity, even on the stripped-down pages of today’s newspapers. I would think that becoming more vibrant, not less, would be imperative. Especially as the circulation news remains grim, including for the now-profitable AJC.

I’m still rooting for my old place, and for the many people I know there who have been doing good work under difficult circumstances.

• The University of Georgia has one of the best and most robust women’s athletics programs in the country, but it might have to add another sport to avoid running into Title IX trouble.

The good news is that it appears that UGA, unlike other schools, won’t have to cut men’s sports to play the numbers game.

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