Monthly Archives: May 2010

What I’m reading, writing and watching, May 29

TweetI had to hit the road a little bit the last few days, and when I’ve got to traverse some rural parts of the South I like to crank up the Allman Brothers. To me, the instrumental “Jessica” is about as good a traveling tune as there is, and here’s a rendition of it performed […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 27

Tweet• I’ve rounded up some good reads on journalism at Ink-Drained Kvetch that include entrepreneurial/bootstrapping practices, upgrading skills and why a young print journalist walked out of his newsroom on his own volition to swim in the deep waters of uncertainty. • At Atlanta Soccer News I noted the mention of a local soccer bar […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 26

Tweet• The immediate — and sometimes consternated — reaction to the unveiling of the U.S. World Cup team prompted Pitch Invasion proprietor Tom Dunmore to proclaim this “the first Twitter World Cup.” (Disclosure: I’ve been a contributor to his site, which explores the culture of soccer). • At my own site, Atlanta Soccer News, I […]

What I’m reading, writing and watching, May 25

TweetJane Brody of The New York Times isn’t breaking much new ground in summing up the physical — and psychological — costs of pushing young athletes too hard, too soon and too often. But as I read this piece my mind drifted back to an ouststanding series written by William Houston, then of the Toronto […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 21

TweetA friend and fellow sports journalist who’s trying to carve out his own way on the Web explains why he passed up the chance to tell others how to raise money on the Internet. By eschewing the trend of “extending my brand” he prefers instead to draw from the examples of small ventures that abound […]

What I’m reading, writing and watching, May 20

Tweet• At Atlanta Soccer News I recap the news about a possible new all-outdoors Atlanta Falcons stadium and what having it built — or not — might mean for the local soccer community. • A footy-mad Atlanta watering hole thought so much of this World Cup promo video that it’s been circulating it all over […]

What I’m reading, writing and watching, May 19

TweetA little potpourri from the last few days while I work on blogging/writing/site building on a number of fronts. There’s plenty on my plate offline (for now) that I’m excited to be working on. For now, enjoy these links: • Web contrarian Andrew Keen sits on a panel with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and calls […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 14

Tweet• At Atlanta Soccer News I rounded up links about the World Cup “books” that have been officially submitted for 2018 and 2022, including the U.S. bid that includes my hometown as a venue. It’s less than a month from the start of the 2010 World Cup, and as a reporting veteran of this unbelievable […]

Hollins leaves Michigan women

TweetDayeesha Hollins, who made a strong impression with Michigan as a freshman point guard and helped the Wolverines reach the WNIT, is transferring to a program closer to her native Cincinnati. Read more

Extension, raise for Nebraska’s Yori

TweetNebraska’s Connie Yori, the national women’s basketball coach of the year, has signed a contract extension that will pay her $660,000 a season through 2015. Read more