Monthly Archives: May 2010

Patty Coyle joins Pittsburgh staff

TweetFormer Loyola, Md., and New York Liberty coach Patty Coyle has been hired by Pittsburgh coach Agnus Berenato to fill one of two assistant coaching vacancies on the Panthers’ staff. Read more

What I’m reading and writing, May 10

TweetI’ve designated this URL as my hub on the Web for the primary reason that it’s got my name written all over it. • As Sam Taggart writes on Vaynermedia, owning your name is essential to control your online identity and brand name, if that word doesn’t turn you off (it shouldn’t, but at times […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 7

TweetA topic that’s been boiling up finally spilled over, but I’m glad the subject matter didn’t prompt me to sink to the depths of what’s been bothering me this week. Over at Extracurriculars, I’ve posted rather longishly on “Athletes, violence and the rush to judgment.” Sometimes I hate it when I take the bait of […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 6

TweetI’m not contemplating the meaningful activities that drives Dan Pallotta — I’m a sports journalist after all, and damn proud of it. But if this beautifully written piece at the Harvard Business Review doesn’t stoke you to pursue what inspires you the most, there’s something very wrong indeed. And if there’s not, then I guarantee that […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 5

TweetNot much time today except for my startup project, and with it the inevitable occasions in which I get absolutely stuck, for a variety of reasons. When I need to get unstuck, one person I go to for reinforcement is creativity guru Merlin Mann. Listening to this 35-minute talk he gave at Google two years […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 4

TweetThe social media Goliath everyone loves, and some love to hate, has rankled my feathers too. • At Ink-Drained Kvetch, I’ve just posted “Fear, loathing and privacy on Facebook.” It’s a feeling I think I’ll be having for some time to come. • Chrys Wu has some other tips to protect yourself from Facebook’s intrusions […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 3

TweetMondays for me are a treat — I know, Mondays. But the first thing I try to get to on Monday morning is reading through the latest edition of Sports Business Journal (subscription). What caught my eye today above all is the big-business realism of new NCAA chief executive Mark Emmert, who towed the organization’s […]