What I’m reading and writing, May 10

I’ve designated this URL as my hub on the Web for the primary reason that it’s got my name written all over it.

• As Sam Taggart writes on Vaynermedia, owning your name is essential to control your online identity and brand name, if that word doesn’t turn you off (it shouldn’t, but at times I feel that way).

I use the .org designation because my name is not available with the .com designation.

If you can’t get .com, then try .org and .net (which I also own, and for which I have more longer-term site plans). So two out of three ain’t bad.

The effect of this effort has been to push to the top of the search engines. When you type “Wendy Parker” into Google, this URL is at the top of the list. The same goes for Yahoo! Search, and it’s close to the top on Microsoft’s new Bing engine.

What also I like about .org being No. 1 is the designation itself. This is where I am in the process of organizing myself on the Web. It’s taken just a few weeks of daily posting here for this site to jump to the head of the pack.

Another vital reason to own your domain name: Preserving your good name. It’s becoming an increasingly challenging thing to do.

(My other namesakes include a philosophy professor, a law professor, an internal medicine specialist, a massage therapist, an orthodonist, a plastic surgeon, an event planner, and a realtor, among other things.

All very wide-ranging and impressive. But not me.)

So while I work on pulling my other “identities” together, please stay tuned here.

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