What I’m reading and writing, May 3

Mondays for me are a treat — I know, Mondays.

But the first thing I try to get to on Monday morning is reading through the latest edition of Sports Business Journal (subscription). What caught my eye today above all is the big-business realism of new NCAA chief executive Mark Emmert, who towed the organization’s party line about how the money (especially with the extended CBS/Turner deal for the men’s basketball tournament) is needed to pay for just about every other sport:

“If put in the right context, you can weave athletics into the overall educational experience, and make it part of the social and cultural experience, as well. You shouldn’t separate the cost of athletics from everything else. It’s an integral part of the institution.”

• I haven’t been posting on Twitter much in recent days, but instead have been busy reorganizing my lists to make better use of my time on what I regard as my own highly customized wire service. One of the new lists is devoted to sports business and media, and there’s a good compilation of influential people and organizations I highly value.

• Legendary film critic Roger Ebert writes that he believes this is “the golden age of movie criticism,” and profiles some of his fellow critics who are doing their work online:

“Film criticism is still a profession, but it’s no longer an occupation. You can’t make any money at it. This provides an opportunity for those who care about movies and enjoy expressing themselves. Anyone with access to a computer need only to use free blogware and set up in business.”

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