What I’m reading and writing, June 3

I’ve been doing some preparation for forthcoming blog posts on Title IX and sports and gender that could very well get me excommunicated from The Sisterhood. Forgive me, Billie Jean King, for I am about to commit blasphemy.

• My thesis for both posts, more or less: Nearly four decades into the women’s sports movement, it needs to become less of a movement and more grown-up or else young girls who aspire to be athletes won’t be able to do that professionally when they do grow up. I’ve written about this recently regarding women’s basketball, but it is not limited to just one sport.

More on all that in the coming couple of weeks.

• I’m also getting ready for the World Cup that kicks off in eight days, and this has dovetailed into a nice freelancing assignment that I’ll detail a bit further when that little project takes off next week.

World Cup you ask? Apparently a third of all Americans don’t know what it is. So maybe not the whole world is watching, then. (h/t Every Day Should Be Saturday)

But not to fret; two thirds of my fellow citizens can’t name even one sitting member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The American Soccer Nation apparently is in finer fettle than the Republic itself.

• You could have this job: Trying to get people worked up over cricket on these shores.

• NBA star Steve Nash is going to the World Cup, as a correspondent for CBSSports.com.

Nash isn’t a soccer neophyte: He’s part of the ownership group that will usher the Vancouver Whitecaps into Major League Soccer next season.

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