Monthly Archives: July 2010

Feeling a little less lonely on the cheerleading front

Tweet• I’ve spent some fascinating hours researching the status of women’s sports around the world, and it certainly puts into a more realistic perspective the recent skirmishes over Title IX that I’ve been blogging about here and elsewhere. Since no other country has a law mandating sports offerings as Title IX does in the United […]

Bad sports, or when sisterhood isn’t so powerful

TweetA recent coaching acquaintance, who’s experienced in the thankless task of gender equity mediating, offers this perspective about the continuing battles between some men and women in college sports: “It’s not about who’s right, it’s about what’s right.” Yet this wisdom goes largely unheeded, as evidenced by some of the disturbing developments this week on […]

These are the dog days for sports media too

Tweet• Trying to stay hydrated and cool — especially under the collar — is near impossible (really trying to save on the air conditioning bill). So when a Seattle sports blogger and radio talk show producer Liz Mathews began spouting the deeply flawed research from USC sociology professor Michael Messner about the underrepresentation of women […]

Resolving to address my own ‘creativity crisis’

Tweet• As I mentioned earlier this week posting here may not be as frequent as I work on a project that is the culmination of many years of thought, planning and distillation of ideas. I’ve spent many hours offline in the last few weeks to begin preparations, with a targeted launch date of later in the […]

Summertime, and the living is busy

Tweet•  I thought I’d had my fill of misleading claims about the alleged “invisibility” of women’s sports on TV, but some related items on that topic since I first responded late last week have prompted another post by me at Extracurriculars. • All of this has further inspired and fired me up to continue work […]

The light shines on Spain; scorn for Dutch ‘anti-football’

Tweet• The stirring 116th minute goal by Andrés Iniesta that produced Spain’s first World Cup championship also produced one of the more poignant storylines of the tournament. Iniesta then pulled off his jersey to reveal a message, as many goal-scorers do. This one said: “Dani Jarque, siempre con nosotros.” It was a salute to Iniesta’s […]

Toss out the books on Spain, Holland in World Cup final

Tweet• In anticipation of Sunday’s World Cup final match between Spain and Holland, I’m quickly re-reading two books I first picked up some years ago that perfectly explain the way each nation has played the game. In trying to win the World Cup for the first time, both are having to overcome some of their […]

Under LeBron’s Big Top; grilled World Cup octopus, anyone?

Tweet• Temperatures are rising along with the collective blood pressure of many in the sports-and-media world over the LeBron James farce on ESPN. The best read I came across is from Jake Simpson of the Atlantic Culture Channel in a post titled “LeBron James and the Rise of Sports Reality TV.” Slam dunk bucket here: […]

The growth of European women’s soccer and the global game

TweetUEFA, the European soccer governing body, has commissioned a British academic to study the development of the women’s pro game there that dates back to 1971, the year before Title IX was passed. A report will be released next year to coincide with the Women’s World Cup in Germany. A full-fledged English women’s “SuperLeague” is slated […]

A hot midsummer’s roundup of women in sports

Tweet• At Extracurriculars I have written about “Female athletes, their bodies and distorted perceptions” that only figure to continue to heat up: Serena Williams and her body, the LPGA Tour’s mommy conundrum, media coverage of women athletes and the return of Caster Semenya to the women’s track and field fold. For all the caterwauling about […]