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Bradley the safest choice for U.S. Soccer job?

TweetFanHouse’s Brian Straus thinks that re-upping Bob Bradley for four more years reveals that U.S. Soccer Federation boss Sunil Gulati . . . “didn’t want exciting. He wanted stability and a coach who has many more wins than losses. In Bradley, he found his man.” Martin Rogers of Yahoo! Sports thinks Bradley — and the […]

Twitter hoax earns Wash Post writer a 30-day ban

TweetMike Wise will be in the cooler — and presumably off the Tweet — for the start of the all-important Redskins’ season, among other events, ironically for making up Tweets about Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension. The self-described @MikeWiseGuy is rather fortunate he didn’t lose his job — even the Post’s ombudsman thinks so. Here’s the obligatory mea […]

The Boise State backlash has already begun

TweetDan Wetzel says that the solons of the BCS have only themselves to blame should Boise State waltz through a soft schedule. The irony here is that if the Broncos, ranked No. 3 in the preseason AP poll, can defeat 10th-ranked Virginia Tech in their Labor Day season opener, they are in fantastic shape to […]

Federer didn’t really have to do this, but . . .

TweetRoger Federer’s opening-round mauling of Brian Dabul in the U.S. Open Monday was rather uneventful, except for this point, which is rapidly making its way around the jockosphere this AM: Not surprisingly, Federer does lead the tennis money list, which is not as male dominated as you might think.

A chastening time for women’s sports?

TweetFor those who lament the supposed dearth of media coverage about women’s sports, what follows is a rather extensive collection of links from just the last week or so. They generally deal with various levels of discontent/anxiety/concern, which can be read as negative coverage. But because this is coming primarily from mainstream outlets, the status […]

Why the NHL waits for no young talented Europeans

TweetEuropean hockey coaches are complaining that their young stars are coming to North America’s minor leagues too prematurely in order to display their skills for National Hockey League teams: “If the (NHL) would be two or three years more patient, we would send over a better player.” Most interesting nugget here: “NHL scouts generally believe […]

Malcontent scribes and linemen; dialing for college football dollars; lucrative losing in Pittsburgh

Tweet• At Extracurriculars I spent far too much time and too many words on the sorry sagas of Jason Whitlock, Jay Mariotti and sportswriters who insist on becoming the story. I’ll leave it to Deadspin to put the proper shine on the self-parodic figure that Whitlock has become: “Jason Whitlock is Richard Hofstadter, if Ponderosa were […]

Some good weekend sports reads, Aug. 21-22

Tweet• No Career, But Women Get to Butt Heads, Too — The Women’s Rugby World Cup is underway in England with the event primed for the biggest spotlight it has ever enjoyed. • Can Roger Clemens Learn From Marion Jones’ Mistakes? — Presumptuous both in headline and text. Here’s the more pertinent question: Why do […]

A month of rereadings: ‘Pafko at the Wall’

Tweet• As soon as I Tweeted today about Bobby Thomson’s famous homerun, a friend messaged me about one of the famous stories that stemmed from that 1951 playoff game and one of the greatest moments in American sports history. Had I read it? He was referring to the opening of Don DeLillo’s novel “Underworld.” Initially this […]

The advantage of always having the last say

Tweet• Point/counterpoint op-eds are nothing new in journalism, but it’s rather interesting to see Women’s Sports Foundation advocacy director Nancy Hogshead-Makar being given the floor to respond to critical Title IX pieces in two major media outlets last week. First, she got this full-length reply to Gregg Easterbrook’s heated piece on condemning a federal […]