How about that? A fine find among the wine

When Pittsburgh Pirates minority owner Bing Crosby — yes, that Bing Crosby — was out of the country during the 1960 World Series, he had the full NBC broadcast of Game 7 recorded on several reel-to-reel tapes.

Those films were among the various non-alcoholic artifacts recenly found in the wine cellar of the late entertainer’s northern California home. Richard Sandomir tells the fabulous story of a most unlikely discovery, and how Crosby tuned in excruciatingly (crooning?) in Paris for what’s been long dubbed “The Best Game Ever:”

“We were in this beautiful apartment, listening on shortwave, and when it got close Bing opened a bottle of Scotch and was tapping it against the mantel. When Mazeroski hit the home run, he tapped it hard; the Scotch flew into the fireplace and started a conflagration. I was screaming and Nonie said, ‘It’s very nice to celebrate things, but couldn’t we be more restrained?’ ”

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