Monthly Archives: September 2010

There ought to be a law against it

TweetSports legal beagle Brian Goff thinks Mark Yost’s Wall Street Journal take on the Reggie Bush saga misses quite a few points, and typically overreaches with moralizing that sportswriters apparently cannot resist on subjects like these.

BCS taking some kicks in Washington

TweetA D.C.-based interest group — and those are rarely up to much good, right? — is complaining to the Internal Revenue Service that the Bowl Championship Series is violating its tax-exempt status with a whole host of alleged shenanigans. I’m all in favor of getting to an honest way to determine a college football national […]

Did I ask you to go to bat for me?

TweetThat’s the question Ines Sainz is raising as she continues to keep her name in the news while confirming my initial suspicions about all of this: that the flames over her appearance in the New York Jets locker room were also fanned by the Association for Women in Sports Media, which she claims never consulted […]

Time for some R & R

TweetI’m stepping away for a few days to visit family and do some beachcombing. I’ll be back in about or week or so.

Farewell to the small, feisty athlete

TweetHoward Bryant says the emphasis on size and strength in all sports means that the little guys could become extinct: “The increased size of the players and the greater emphasis on power is indisputable. Part of the reason players are bigger today is evolutionary, but most of it is a byproduct of self-preservation on the […]

The absolute final take on Sainz — I promise

TweetLet’s get the silly stuff out of the way first: USA Today‘s Christine Brennan thinks the New York Jets should be penalized for the Ines Sainz flap. This is the same Christine Brennan who not long ago¬†teed off on Erin Andrews for “playing to the frat house” but now writes this: “Some want to make […]

Broadway visits a locker room

TweetNo, this has nothing to do with Ines Sainz, but rather “Ball Four: The Musical,” which has Jim Bouton at work 40 years after the publication of the groundbreaking book. Please, please keep Andrew Lloyd Webber away from this one. I beg you, Jim. Lest it turn out something like this hideousness:

Is Nadal on pace to eclipse Federer?

TweetMichelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald assesses Rafael Nadal’s career prospects after his U.S. Open victory, and finds them comparable to Roger Federer.

A female reporter’s roundabout Ted Williams story

TweetDoris O’Donnell’s fascinating journalism career included an episode where she walked around the Kremlin without incident and a 1957 road trip with the Cleveland Indians that prompted her¬†perpetually dim view of the sporting press: “I’d rather see a son of mine driving a bus.” Take some time to appreciate this piece wonderful storytelling by Pat […]

Painful considerations at Cal-Berkeley

TweetA faculty committee on intercollegiate sports is recommending cutting five to seven sports to reduce the Golden Bears’ huge athletic department deficit. If you’re keeping a Title IX scorecard at home, women make up 53 percent of the undergraduate student body at Berkeley, while women account for only 41 percent of the athletes. You do […]