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When it’s hard to be taken seriously

TweetYesterday I figured I was among the few women sports journalists taking issue with my sisters in the business about Ines Sainz.‘s Jemelle Hill feels the same way: “But isn’t it fair, too, to wonder whether Sainz’s flirty, fluffy reporting style might blur the lines for the players? I have a hard time believing […]

‘What happened to Sainz is bigger than her’

TweetKevin Blackistone of FanHouse reads from the gospel of the women’s sports media organization that appears to be more worked up over what happened to Ines Sainz than the Mexican TV reporter herself: “What happened to Sainz is bigger than her. “What happened to Sainz is why the NFL in 1985 implemented a policy mandating […]

Don’t ignore Durant, USA Basketball feats

TweetAt the end of a basketball summer headlined by a lurid made-for-TV defection to South Beach, the old-school game and attitude of Kevin Durant and the U.S. men’s team shouldn’t be overlooked, says USA Today’s Mike Lopresti: “They showed what could be done without Kobe glitter or LeBron glamour, so long as there was defense […]

Are you here to cover the story, or be the story?

TweetWhen Deadspin has the proper perspective on the alleged mistreatment of Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz by the New York Jets, then what does that say about this whole flap? While the NFL ought to come down hard on the Jets if these accusations are true, the actions of more than a few boorish players […]

Removing the veneer from amateurism

TweetRay Ratto sees the last stalwart defenders of the notion of amateurism attempt a desperate fling at curtailing the commercial enterprise of college football, and reckons how it might end: “And in these brazenly Darwinian times, with colleges across the country no longer even trying to hide that the only true motivation for their athletic […]

‘A strange thing for a Turkish guy to be called Salami’

TweetAnd so it was for 1970s American television program featuring an implausibly-cast character of the same name as the starting high school point guard on “The White Shadow.” The program had a serious influence on the growth of basketball in Turkey, which looks to be on a collision course with the U.S. to reach the […]

When fans balk at high ticket prices

TweetAt, Raphael Honigstein talks to supporters of German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund who are threatening to boycott next weekend’s “Revierderby” with Schalke beccause of nearly 50 percent “surcharge” in some ticket prices specifically for that match. They’ve also set up their own website (auf deutsch) to make their case.

All in the service of ‘amateur’ athletics, of course

TweetThe Chronicle of Higher Education adds up the salaries of the 14 highest-paid NCAA executives and comes up with a grand total of $6 million for the 2008-09 academic year. New president Mark Emmert’s salary hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s speculated to be in the $1 million annual range, around the same as his predecessor, the […]

Are you ready for a lockout?

TweetThe NFL season starts tonight with the usual bouquet of roses arranged and delivered by the usual suspects. Yahoo’s Michael Silver sorts through the issues should the thrill be gone and we’ve got a full-blown labor dispute dominating the headlines in just a few short months.

To preserve an outdated notion of ‘amateurism,’ con’t

TweetBravo to Henry Abbott of TrueHoop, for calling out the Enes Kanter-Kentucky imbroglio for what it is: “Does anybody think any of this prohibits Kanter from playing at an elite level a year from now? Whether Kanter was paid or not, and whether he passes NCAA muster or not, hes exactly what the NCAAs best […]