When it’s hard to be taken seriously

Yesterday I figured I was among the few women sports journalists taking issue with my sisters in the business about Ines Sainz. ESPN.com‘s Jemelle Hill feels the same way:

“But isn’t it fair, too, to wonder whether Sainz’s flirty, fluffy reporting style might blur the lines for the players? I have a hard time believing the Jets would treat USA Today columnist Christine Brennan, a pioneer for female sports journalists, the way they allegedly treated Sainz.

“I was disappointed that Brennan and the Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM) have rushed to support Sainz. Yes, their response brings attention to a serious issue, but sometimes the wrong person can undermine the right cause.

“I respect AWSM immensely and credit the organization for mentoring women like me and helping us understand how to navigate the male-dominated world of sports.

“But is Sainz the best candidate for martyrdom?”

Bravo. Even some of the guys are summoning the gumption to sound off along similar lines.

Also: Yahoo‘s Dan Wetzel absolutely nails it about Clinton Portis’ rock-headed comments about women in the locker room. Andrew Sharp of SB Nation begs to differ. Strongly.

And this: An aspiring female sportswriter wants to know why Ines does what she does. And the way she does it.

Wait, there’s still more, this from Keith Olbermann, who can’t pick on Tea Party women 24/7:

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