Monthly Archives: October 2010

‘It’s good to be a footy fan in Germany’

TweetLeander Schaerlaeckens assesses the improving quality of play in the Bundesliga and the fiscal restraints imposed by the league and figures it might be the best soccer product around. It’s certainly in the best financial health in all of Europe: “Not only do you get competitive matches, you don’t have to put a major dent […]

College athletes and domestic violence, revisited

TweetBravo to’s Dana O’Neil for this well-reported piece on the complicated backdrop of college athletes and domestic violence and how some universities are trying to address the problem. In particular, she was careful to point out that the case of George Huguely, a University of Virginia lacrosse player charged this spring with the murder […]

All for the love of a forlorn team

TweetJohn Campanelli of The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes about John Barr, a Connecticut warehouse worker with no ties to the northeast Ohio city but who moved there recently after quitting his job, so he could more easily cheer for the Browns: “In East Hartford, the 33-year-old had a job, with full benefits. He had family. He […]

Ramping down the rhetoric about steroids

TweetFrom earlier this week, Patrick Hruby pens a smart piece on the need to take a deep breath over the hysteria over steroids in sports and address the issue like adults: “What if we’re too ignorant to judge the severity of the performance-enhancing drug problem in sports? “What if the madness makes us ignorant, and […]

LPGA’s transgender ban subject of lawsuit

TweetIn The New York Times, Katie Thomas details the lawsuit retired police officer Lana Lawless has filed against the LPGA for banning potential competitors like her who are not born female. Among the other targets of her legal action — and I’m not making any of this up, including her name — are the Long […]

Wistful memories of an Indian sporting legend

TweetThe hottest sport in India these days is cricket, with plenty of flash, dazzle and allegations of scandal that befits the modern sporting age. Not that many years ago, however, India was a field hockey powerhouse with the legendary Dhyan Chand, who’s being missed in his homeland now as it plays host to the Commonwealth […]

A Whitman’s sampler and athletes in the buff

TweetI’ll refrain from making the obvious “Leaves of Grass” references to ESPN The Magazine’s annual body issue since that’s been done here and here from the ESPN executive heading a new women’s initiative I wrote about last week. The Bard endures! Instead, I’ll let Hartford Courant columnist Jeff Jacobs slam dunk the reaction in some prudish, feminist corners […]

Creating an ESPN of their own

TweetThere have been plenty of headlines about this week’s retreat of top women’s sports leaders by ESPN, which has designs on creating a separate espnW brand to appeal to a very different demographic than what tunes into the Family of Networks. This was an all-invitation shindig near San Diego, so those of us not part […]