LPGA’s transgender ban subject of lawsuit

In The New York Times, Katie Thomas details the lawsuit retired police officer Lana Lawless has filed against the LPGA for banning potential competitors like her who are not born female.

Among the other targets of her legal action — and I’m not making any of this up, including her name — are the Long Drivers of America and Dick’s Sporting Goods, which are among the sponsors of this weekend’s LPGA event in California.

God forbid what the frat boy sports sites are going to do with all that, but I doubt it will be no more edifying than the latest Brett Favre brouhaha.

Thomas offers some interesting perspective from Renee Richards, who doesn’t agree with this claim by Lawless that goes to the heart of the transgender identity:

“There is no such thing as born female. Either you’re female, or you’re not.”

I appreciate the principles that people like Lawless are fighting for, but that declaration also goes to to the heart of what animates those who assert that gender is not fixed biologically but rather is a “social construct.”

I won’t wade into those troublesome waters here, and I haven’t been able yet to pore through this study on how to address the concerns of transgender athletes into high school and competitive sports.

Where this may fit into the larger spectrum of women and sports presents another quandary. How much time and energy should the women’s sports movement spend fighting for the rights of transgender athletes when there are so many pressing issues? I simply don’t know.

What I do know is that this is not what the LPGA had in mind when it was seeking greater mainstream media attention.

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