Ramping down the rhetoric about steroids

From earlier this week, Patrick Hruby pens a smart piece on the need to take a deep breath over the hysteria over steroids in sports and address the issue like adults:

“What if we’re too ignorant to judge the severity of the performance-enhancing drug problem in sports?

“What if the madness makes us ignorant, and the single greatest side effect of our ongoing War on ‘Roids is that we don’t even know what we don’t know?”

Then again, with headlines like this, don’t hold your breath. Dick Pound’s successor, take it away:

“If, after that, we still find people who are cheating, they’ve got to sit back and say, ‘What do we do now?’ ”

Licking my chops about Victor Conte coming before the WADA moralists, but he sounds too humble here.

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