Monthly Archives: February 2011

More cultural contortions about sports and femininity

TweetI continue to be amazed at how some male admirers of women’s basketball (and women’s sports) seem to be more worked up about the convergence of┬ásports, femininity and culture than some of the female athletes themselves. Q McCall of Swish Appeal deconstructs Ohio State basketball All-American Jantel Lavender in overwrought fashion: “Ultimately, the reason this […]

The next thing you know, we’ll be wanting to vote

TweetCouldn’t resist taking a little dig at Jason Mcintyre’s Tweet about the Unbelievably Unbelievable Development of An Actual Woman Throwing Batting Practice at Spring Training! Well, these are the Cleveland Indians. Keep breaking down those barriers ladies, and we may actually see more photos of women on The Big Lead who are not in bikinis! […]