The sham trial by the Bay, now and forever

Bravo to Sally Jenkins a couple of weeks ago for calling the farcical prosecution of Barry Bonds for what it was while it was going on. And double bravo to Roger Cossack and Art Spander post-factum for saying the same thing on “Outside the Lines” on Thursday.

Even George Dorhmann argues that the jury, after being unable to reach a verdict on three other counts:

“. . . found Bonds guilty of rambling, of dancing around a question, of being (for anyone who has ever interviewed him can attest) Barry Lamar Bonds.”

Yet the feigned moral outrage from The Tribe is sucking up far too much of the oxygen. Here’s a breath of fresh air:

(video h/t Daily Motion)

Update: And Jeff Passan launches into to those waging The War on Steroids:

“The same selfishness that pervaded steroid users afflicted those on the opposite side. The anti-doping fiends profited off the drug testing they insisted upon. The moral police used the time-honored canard – the safety of children – to advocate against PED use. The cops and government turned power into score-settling trials.

“It’s no wonder baseball came out so well. Turns out MLB was no worse than the people running the War on Steroids.”

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