Best of 2011: The sports moment of the year

This is no attempt at objectivity. I know that others will point to the ugliness — in particular the Penn State tragedy — as the biggest sports story of 2011, at least in the United States.

In Canada, it well may be the deaths of professional hockey players and a long concussion-related layoff to Sidney Crosby, the game’s biggest star that triggered debate about the future of fighting in the sport.

Around the world, I can’t imagine anything topping Lionel Messi’s continued brilliance for Barcelona.

As for me, I can’t get enough of this, and probably never will:

I blogged about the significance of this moment earlier this week. A couple of weeks ago, there was plenty of debate here about the professional prospects for women’s soccer, and I do hope they get brighter eventually.

That marvelous day in Dresden resonates for me more than anything else that happened this year, because of what I write about on this blog most often.

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