Monthly Archives: December 2011

‘Loosen your girdle and let ‘er fly!’

TweetSo I’m about to push the “send order” button to Amazon/Santa for the sports book wish list I blogged about here last week, and “Wonder Girl,” Don Van Natta’s recent biography of Babe Didrickson Zaharias, is one of the three I’m treating myself to read over the holidays and into the new year. The other […]

Flip flops at the Fall Classic

TweetSportswriters don’t like to be told what to do — especially from editors. They especially hate to be told what to wear. So it’s not surprising there would be some pushback from last week’s Major League Baseball announcement that all credentialed journalists would need to follow the guidelines of a dress code, the first created by […]

PEDs and the presumption of innocence

TweetOf all the speculation over National League MVP Ryan Braun’s positive test for a banned substance — and which was disclosed anonymously to — only a handful of writers are raising the most important points. Maury Brown: “If he lucks out and it’s found that due to some circumstance he should not be suspended, then the […]

The Big East and the Far East

TweetWhile Big East Commissioner John Marinatto reaches all the way to San Diego to keep his crumbling league together, Larry Scott, his Pac 12 counterpart, continues to make himself the most intriguing figure in college athletics. After pulling off a record-setting Pac 12 television contract this spring, Scott is looking to the Far East to extend […]

A touch of March Madness in December

TweetHands down, the absolute best sports moment of the weekend: (video h/t to Awful Announcing; the audio is the Indiana radio crew led by Bob Fischer) This is why I’ve always thought that if I ever live abroad, I’d miss college basketball the most. (Then there is the the ugly brawl at the end of […]

What sports books should be on this holiday list?

TweetI’m working up an e-mail to send to the North Pole, asking very kindly for three recently released sports books that I’d like to read through the holidays into the new year. But which ones? I am torn by my limitations, self-imposed due to budget and time considerations. Usually I wait until books come out […]

A sportswriting giant: ‘The last of his kind’

TweetIf you love reading about sportswriters of another era, New York writer Alex Belth is a real treat. On his multifaceted Bronx Banter blog he recently interviewed sports columnist and Hollywood screenwriter John Schulian and has been reprinting manuscripts of articles from another legend, W.C. Heinz. For Deadspin, Belth has penned this enormously robust remembrance of the […]

‘They are trading money for brain cells’

TweetThe heartbreaking death of troubled NHL tough guy Derek Boogaard, the subject of a three-part series that concluded Tuesday in The New York Times, reveals how the league isn’t terribly eager to talk about his damaged brain that shocked researchers who received it on request from his family. And it certainly hasn’t quelled the appetite some […]

Rebuilding women’s professional soccer to last

TweetThe heartfelt, grassroots effort to save the financially embattled Women’s Professional Soccer league from extinction was well underway last week when one of the architects of that league poured a heavy dose of cold reality onto what has been an emotional situation. The U.S. Soccer Federation is set to hear today the request of WPS […]

The difference .009 makes

TweetThe Bowl Championship Series computer spit out an extremely tiny difference between second-place Alabama and third-place Oklahoma State in setting up the all-SEC rematch many are dreading. (Officially, the computer gap is .0086, but who’s counting? The math still edges out the Cowboys.) Oklahoma State’s fatal flaw, Gregg Doyel asserts, is that it’s not in […]