Monthly Archives: January 2012

The next frontier for women’s sports

TweetThe announcement Monday that the Women’s Professional Soccer league was suspending operations for the 2012 season didn’t surprise many in the American and women’s soccer community, for both the financial and legal issues that have plagued it. Frankly, having covered WUSA, the WPS predecessor, I’m not that optimistic the league will return in 2013 or […]

And now college athletics ‘reform’ season begins

TweetAlabama had barely hoisted the BCS national championship trophy late Monday night when the long-winded explications of the entire college athletic landscape were being churned out. Actually, those missives have been continuing for a good long while. But in the context of a remarkable and dispiriting college football season — fraught with realignment, record streams […]

The Big Tebowski does it again

TweetYes, it was a short pass that a speedy Demaryius Thomas turned into victory. Yes, the Pittsburgh secondary was curiously out of position, with no one deep to prevent an overtime touchdown. But Tim Tebow got the ball to Thomas at the end of another classic Denver Broncos victory that he triggered with a strong […]

A heartbreaking tale of a staggering talent

TweetThe young man they call the Honey Badger plays with a ferocity that I’ve found a bit unsettling even for college football, and SEC football in particular. Thayer Evans of has the deep background of Tyrann Mathieu’s painful upbringing in New Orleans, and how he’s trying to overcome it. The LSU Heisman Trophy finalist’s […]

Follow the bouncing ball

TweetGoalkeepers rarely score goals. But the way that Everton’s Tim Howard, the U.S. national team starter, did this Wednesday against Bolton Wanderers is something to marvel. In addition to a whopper of a kick — not a goal kick, but on a short back pass, mind you — Howard also got the best-ever bounce in […]

The great Super Bowl commercial sell-out

TweetIf you were looking for some place to invest that extra $4 million you found between the sofa cushions, it’s too late to plunk it down for a Super Bowl commercial. All the ad space is gone, and the above figure is for a precious 60-second message, according to Business Week. Let’s hope for that […]

The pure artistry of the perfect catch

TweetFor those who bemoan the militarism and regimentation of American football, this is the perfect illustration of why the beauty of the game is in the details, leading to this magnificent catch on Sunday by Julio Jones of the Falcons. He may need to do more of the same against the Giants in the playoffs. […]