Monthly Archives: February 2012

A little trash talking never hurts

TweetThe UConn-Tennessee rivalry that Pat Summitt snuffed out four years ago may not ever be fully replaced, but UConn’s Big East battles with a superior Notre Dame team are taking on a healthy edge. Especially after the Irish guards sizzled in the second half in Hartford Monday night to down the Huskies for the third […]

More than just a novelty act

TweetMy favorite heroines — sports or otherwise — aren’t women who succumb to the cookie-cutter ideal of  being “role models” but who relish instead stepping outside acceptable boundaries to discover the world as it is, and reshape it, even a small bit, to their ambitions and will. Sally Jenkins on Danica Patrick: “I’ve always liked […]

Skirting the issue on boxing attire

TweetThe Amateur International Boxing Association is now saying skirts are optional for competitors in the first women’s Olympic boxing tournament in London. Another first-world crisis has been averted. This optional position is probably the best, given the mixed opinions from the boxers. Some were incensed about what might have become compulsory; others were not. In […]

As the Title IX celebrations continue . . .

TweetA garden variety Title IX panel discussion at Wellesley College this week received the garden variety write-up from the Boston Globe. Meanwhile, five high school districts in Wisconsin are being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights for alleged athletic disparities for females. Expect much more of the same during this 40th anniversary […]

Rethinking pink and gender in sports

TweetIf you’ve been tuning in women’s college basketball the last few days, do not adjust your set. The pink uniforms you see for many teams — and it is a rather loud shade of pink in some cases — are in honor of the late N.C. State coach Kay Yow and the battle against breast […]

Are you ready for some women’s boxing?

TweetIt’s long been a cultural fascination. Most of the recent headlines have been complaints over the supposedly demeaning and sexist attire female competitors will be wearing inside the rings at the London Games. Women’s boxing takes a huge competitive leap starting today when the U.S. Olympic trials get underway in Spokane. Finally, it’s about the boxing. […]

Food, football, feminism and a Super Bowl unseen

TweetDuring the height of my most ardent feminist days, I gave up watching the Super Bowl. Voluntarily. This was Super Bowl XIX in 1985, the 49ers vs. the Dolphins. Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino. Hyped as a classic showdown between the two brightest young quarterbacks in the NFL. And I was going to miss it. […]

Why we don’t need Girls and Women in Sports Day

TweetOver the weekend I drove by the public park where I used to play softball as a girl, in the years just before Title IX. I noticed a group of a half dozen girls, in their competitive full attire, from gloves down to socks, stirrups and cleats, huddled on an infield as an adult female […]