Best sports reads and links, Sept. 15

Rounding up some of the most intriguing reads I’ve come across this week, posted on Sports Biblio, my experimental Tumblr companion to this site, or that I have Tweeted and collected elsewhere:

  • Pigskin Progessivism — George Will’s war on football, American-style, now seems to blame the political movement popularized by (an unnamed) Teddy Roosevelt for the rise and dominance of college football. Just the way the union-loving, high-tax, government-giveaway liberal majority down South likes it.
  • Death Spiral — Online journalism guru and New York Mets blogger Jason Fry thinks his team’s lack of money to improve might be the last straw for his fandom.
  • Stage Struck — The art of the sports profile, with an emphasis on top tennis stars, gets the profile treatment inĀ The Paris Review from Scott Korb, who leans John McPhee’s way in identifying the master of the form.
  • The Death of the Anna Kournikova Era — Was there one? Jay Caspian Kang says so at Grantland, where he wonders whether we’ve finally overcome our objectification of female athletes this summer. This is such a facile hot mess I don’t know where to start, so I’ll stop.
  • Writing the Olympics — Nicolas Lezard agreed to write a thousand or so words a day every day during the London Olympics, which he wasn’t interested in. His words have become a book, “Nolympics,” just published by Penguin.
  • Ajax, the Dutch, the War — Simon Kuper explains the difficulties getting information about and talking to Holocaust survivors while reporting his book, just now published in the U.S.: “Since finishing the book, I have found myself almost unable to read or hear anything about the Holocaust.”

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