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An extra helping of Thanksgiving week’s best sports links

TweetWith college football rivalry games on the slate this weekend, The Wall Street Journal‘s Matthew Futterman takes a long look at a signature event that’s threatened by continuing realignment, conference championship games and, starting in 2014, a four-team playoff for the national title. As of this season’s there’s no more Texas-Texas A & M game, […]

How the Big Ten got back to 10

TweetThis week’s blockbuster announcements that Maryland and Rutgers are joining the Big Ten and leaving the ACC and Big East, respectively, to fend for themselves, has reopened college athletic realignment machinations once again, and they figure to go on for a while. Just weeks after Notre Dame announced it was leaving the Big East and […]

A rare kick of wartime soccer splendor

TweetIn “Tor! The Story of German Football,” Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger’s absorbing historical survey, he quotes iconic player Helmut Schön about competing during World War II, including the 1944 national championship finals between his Sporting Club Dresden and the Air Force Sports Club of Hamburg shortly after D-Day: “The Allied Forces had landed in France, in Belarus […]

More hockey books than you ever thought existed

TweetWhile the National Hockey League remains on ice, the Los Angeles Review of Books serves up this long, luscious compendium of hockey books, beginning with an excerpt from a 1955 Sports Illustrated article about a New York Rangers-Montreal Canadiens game at Madison Square Garden: “[The game] seemed discorded and inconsequent, bizarre and paradoxical like the […]

A testament to ‘grace and beauty and ease’

TweetOf all the wonderful stories, anecdotes and remembrances of the great championship New York Knicks teams of the early 1970s, some of the best are saved for last by Harvey Araton in his 2011 book “The Garden of Eden.” His interviews with key figures four decades after their feats truly puts them in their proper […]

Making it hard to like hockey

TweetTwice in my lifetime, a National Hockey League team has absconded from Atlanta for the sport’s native environs in Canada. When the beloved Atlanta Flames — and they will always remain beloved to me, for they were a team of my youth — headed to Calgary, I paid little attention to the NHL for at […]

A few riffs on the culture of Southern football

TweetMy favorite explanation of the appeal of college football in the South came from Clinton campaign guru James Carville several years ago, when he was asked by The Wall Street Journal to explain the legions of fans who never took a step inside a classroom at the schools they follow treat yet their teams with […]