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Old school New Year’s celebration

Tweet Because this simply has never been bettered, and probably never will. Good grief, this is older than I am. Wishing everyone a terrific 2013!

Ringing out the auld

TweetAnd presaging what’s ahead while riffing on an Olympic theme, as only Kyle Whelliston can.

New Year’s Eve, 40 years ago

TweetRoberto Clemente was lost to the world trying to help others in need. Remembrances from ESPN Deportes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, USA Today, Craig Calcaterra.

90+ how many more in 2013?

Tweet (via @MessiStats) Blogs a Blaugrana devotée, and it appears to be in translation: Everyone knows that Barça have a very obvious, top-down, self-imposed style. This doesn’t happen a lot in football. Part of the bickering over the cantera in Madrid this season turns on their current lack of a ‘house style’. Castilla [sic] doesn’t play […]

No thanks for the memories

TweetPatrick Hruby’s most unmemorable sports moment of 2012 involves the Washington Wizards. He says they “typified ordinary sports failure,” but I suspect they may be on permanent steroids: “Sports is striking out. Dribbling the ball off your foot. Missing a block and watching the quarterback get drilled. Sports is having your throbbing ankles taped, sweating […]

Black Monday cometh with a vengeance

TweetNFL head coaches out today before lunchtime, all times local: Andy Reid. Romeo Crennel. Lovie Smith. Pat Shurmer. Norv Turner. Ken Whisenhunt. Not sure if he got to eat first: Chan Gailey. Mike Munchak has been told he’ll be back. So has Rex Ryan. Almost as many GMs are getting the boot: Mike Tannenbaum. Tom […]

Coming to the aid of Newtown

TweetThis morning Grant Wahl was sending around this link that Landon Donovan is the latest commitment for next Monday’s “Soccer Night in Newtown” benefit. Among the other notables are Alexi Lalas, Cobi Jones, Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly, who hails from nearby Wilton, Conn. Also coming is Marcus Tracy of the San Jose Earthquakes, whose […]

Resolving to stay true to this ideal

TweetThe last few paragraphs of “The Franchise,” Michael MacCambridge’s 1997 history of Sports Illustrated that I finished reading over the weekend, summarize far more than the essence of a magazine that changed the way Americans look at the world of sports. They come closer to anything I’ve read since Michael Novak’s “Joy of Sports” in […]

As Syracuse wins the 1958 NFL championship game

TweetJeff MacGregor went to the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium Saturday, but there was nothing evocative about the experience: In life and in sports, these fictions of history are a more seductive reality. This is especially so at Yankee Stadium, itself a time machine and a tomb and a shrine to better days, a replica […]

A requiem for Oscar Madison

TweetDave Kindred on the sportswriting character that the recently-departed Jack Klugman made famous: “Anybody can be hard on Lance Armstrong. Oscar was hard on Christmas: ‘Don’t talk to me about Christmas, will ya? All that sticky, phony goodwill. I’d like to get a giant candy cane and beat the wings off a sugar plum fairy.’ […]