Breaking bad, baseball writing category, 2012

Rob Neyer solicited reader nominations for the worst baseball writing of 2012 and, unsurprisingly, Mitch Albom’s name came up about his anti-statistical diatribe on Miguel Cabrera and the MVP.

Unlike a certain column in the past, Albom wasn’t making anything up in claiming “the eyes have it.” But it was fanciful in another way, popping off a couple of days after native Michigander and childhood Tigers fan Nate Silver, the king of the stats geeks, made the numbers-based case for Mike Trout.

Writes Neyer:

“The only thing that’s missing is the proverbial blogger in his proverbial mother’s proverbial basement. Actually, that might have been in there. I couldn’t stand to go back and read the damned thing again. No, Mitch Albom is not a baseball writer. At this point he’s not really a sports writer. But as long as reputable news organizations are willing to publish this sort of drivel, his work is fair game.”

This is a lot more charitable than other accounts, including Josh Levin, Ty Duffy, and most notoriously, Drew Magary.

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