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As the rage over ‘roids continues to be the rage

TweetAndy Hutchins asks the essential question about the AP’s examination of PED use in college football: “So the point of this ‘BOO THERE ARE STEROIDS IN SPORTS’ report is what?” That is the point, and Tim Keown is happy to pile on: “High school kids are getting and using steroids with the complicit approval of […]

Breaking bad, baseball writing category, 2012

TweetRob Neyer solicited reader nominations for the worst baseball writing of 2012 and, unsurprisingly, Mitch Albom’s name came up about his anti-statistical diatribe on Miguel Cabrera and the MVP. Unlike a certain column in the past, Albom wasn’t making anything up in claiming “the eyes have it.” But it was fanciful in another way, popping […]

More muckraking delights at Yahoo! Sports

TweetRight before Christmas, Yahoo! Sports launched a new investigative sports blog, Not for Attribution, featuring posts from Charles Robinson, among others. Thus far it has gone heavy on, but has not been limited to, NCAA and college recruiting issues. Counting down to the anticipated attack from Jason Whitlock.

Refusing to exercise the Cooperstown franchise

TweetMark Haller of the Arizona Republic claims he’s “choosing to speak loudly by using silence” in declining to fill out a Hall of Fame ballot. But he has plenty more to say about why he’s doing what he’s (not) doing: “The day of reckoning I’ve been dreading for five years — ever since Barry Bonds […]

The Winterpause that refreshes

TweetWhile the English gorge on Boxing Day matches today, the soccer stadiums of Germany are locked, the lights shut off and the stands empty. The Bundesliga and the lower domestic leagues in Germany are novel among the top nations in Europe for not playing all the way through the holidays. It’s one of the many […]

More year-end best sportswriting lists, con’t

TweetFor Longreads, here’s Jamie Mottram of the USA Today Sports Media Group, who like his colleague Dan Shanoff gave Tom Scocca’s Deadspin piece on the Baltimore Orioles exalted status, as well as Charlie Pierce on Robert Griffin III. David Roth of The Classical has an eclectic non-sports list, which he explains in terms of stylistic […]

More year-end best sportswriting lists

TweetThis one from Dan Shanoff, who sold his sports aggregator Quickish to the USA Today Sports Media Group during 2012 and continued to round up great links as he joined its ranks. His top 12 didn’t include my favorite, Wright Thompson’s great piece from Lionel Messi’s hometown of Rosário, Argentina, which was included in the […]

A ‘last bit of chivalry’ and a Christmas kickabout

TweetThe nephew of a British World War I veteran has come across a letter his uncle wrote about the famous 1914 Chrismas truce in the trenches around Ypres that included an impromptu game of soccer between the warring sides. Says Imperial War Museum historian James Taylor: ‘Various accounts of the truce exist so to have […]

From the rest of us, have one hell of a Festivus

TweetOn behalf of my fellow heathen secularists, we’re taking this day to indulge in our annual Airing of the Grievances. Enjoy!

The easiest sportswriter low-hanging fruit ever picked

TweetGawker’s “50 Least Important Writers of 2012” is beyond savage, and even beyond snark, which is refreshing. Some usual suspects abound from the world of sports, but I won’t spoil the fun here. Click the link, admire the editors for poking fun at themselves, and revel in this blustery takedown of a certain Grantland contributor […]