A missing byline resurfaces, if only for a moment

Now employed full-time in the main office of Wieden+Kennedy, Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko fame explains on The Awl his break from writing. It includes, but is hardly limited to, his becoming a father last year:

I don’t feel like I fell from grace, though. Anyone remotely acquainted with the realities of publishing—especially for those of us who sprung up from the muck of blogs and other online writings—can see why the wind might have blown me in this direction. When the last few rounds of meal tickets were passed out, I wasn’t on the list. The phone wasn’t ringing, I stink at pitching editors, and really, I was driving myself insane trying to get by on seasonal work and a slew of web pieces that, if you added them all up on a good week, might—might!—be enough to get by. The thrill was gone, something had died inside, and when a job in advertising came along, I was especially receptive. At that point, I could just as easily have been swayed by the right cult or elite armed force recruiter.

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