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Inadequate words for the talented Mr. Clowney

TweetSpencer Hall tries to explicate Jadeveon Clowney’s memorable tackle/forced fumble/recovery on Michigan’s Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl in many ways, but remains flabbergasted all the more: The part I still can’t wrap my brain around: Clowney did that with about eight yards of running room. In the span of 24 feet, he gained enough […]

The art of keeping Mr. January at bay

TweetFascinating read from Jeff Passan about how new MLB free agency rules designed to prevent Scott Boras from dominating the hot stove season have had a major impact well before the month began: The new draft format included fixed bonus pools for teams based on the previous year’s record; the worst teams would get the […]

The municipal stadium ruse, con’t:

TweetIn his first post of 2013, Neil deMause has the latest on the red ink piling up for taxpayers in Bridgeview, Ill., and Glendale, Ariz., the latter especially so: Plus the city put in money for infrastructure for the state-built Arizona Cardinals stadium, plus $200 million for a spring training baseball facility. Which all worked […]

A missing byline resurfaces, if only for a moment

TweetNow employed full-time in the main office of Wieden+Kennedy, Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko fame explains on The Awl his break from writing. It includes, but is hardly limited to, his becoming a father last year: I don’t feel like I fell from grace, though. Anyone remotely acquainted with the realities of publishing—especially for those […]

Assessing Pennsylvania’s suit against the NCAA

TweetSports legal analyst Michael McCann has chimed in on the Sports Illustrated website: A state government challenging the NCAA’s power to regulate a matter only loosely connected to sports represents a worrisome alignment of litigants, facts and law for the NCAA. Foremost, the lawsuit emerges from unique circumstances that do not readily fit NCAA precedent […]

Bissinger on Goodell’s ‘p-whipped’ NFL

TweetOn The Daily Beast today, Buzz writes that the league is trying too hard to compensate for the sport’s innately violent nature, and it’s leading to a crummy brand of football: Football is violent because it was designed to be violent. Football hurts because it is meant to hurt. Hitting is not for the faint […]

Speak up, we can’t hear you

TweetAt Deadspin, John Koblin points out Michael Wilbon’s laments about what the latter thinks is a lack of stellar sportswriting from the past year, then sets up the ex-Washington Postie perfectly as a segue for rolling out the best sports shouters of 2012: What better example than Wilbon himself, co-host of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption—a […]

A boxing cathedral, yuppified

TweetThose who go to the former Gleason’s gym these days aren’t there to fight, but to stay in shape for its own sake: When Gleason’s left Manhattan in 1986, the gym had 200 members, 90% of whom were competitive fighters. Not a single woman belonged to the gym. Top-end pros like Gerry Cooney and Roberto […]

Reeling from the Freel suicide

TweetMy former AJC colleague Mike Tierney talks to Christie Moore Freel, who was taken aback by news of her former husband’s death in spite the demons she knew he had fought for years: I know a lot of people say they weren’t shocked by it, but I really was. I really thought, at some point, […]

No holiday for the NCAA

TweetAs the most valuable college athletes there are toil for free today, word comes from Jeremy Fowler of that NCAA president Mark Emmert is dusting off his stipend proposal for preview at the organization’s convention later this month, with a new formal offering coming in April: A need-based plan can be seen as glorified […]