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The Midsummer Classic and the American pastime

TweetJuly is the time for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and Hall of Fame induction, so I’ll be devoting some posts this week to topics related to baseball’s future — and as always the case with this sport — and exploring how its past is immortalized.
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I’m [...]

Sports History Files: Remembering Alfredo Di Stéfano

TweetOne of Argentina’s — and the world’s — greatest soccer players ever never played in a World Cup.
Alfredo Di Stéfano, who died on Monday at the age of 88, was one of the central figures of the great Real Madrid teams that won five consecutive European Cup titles in the late 1950s.
After the end of [...]

Midweek Books: From Galeano to Golazo!

TweetOn Wednesday I highlight noteworthy new sports books, with links to reviews, interviews and other information about the subject and/or author.
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“Every time the national team plays, no matter against whom, the country holds its breath. Politicians, singers and street vendors shut their mouths, lovers suspend their caresses.”
– [...]

Quantifying the art of Lionel Messi

TweetOn Tuesday I write about developments in sports media, and occasionally step back in time to a different era in sports journalism.
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Words often fail when the subject is Lionel Messi, even from those who are wordier than most.
Famous for declaring the Argentine star “a magnetic spectrum of [...]

Monday, Monday: Leafblowers and LeBron Twitter

TweetOn Monday my post is generally related to a timely sports topic prominently in the news, is focused on the business of sports or covers a sports subject at random.
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I just Tweeted the above headline, but deleted it and thought those two things actually have something more [...]

Sports History Files: Remembering Louis Zamperini

TweetLouis Zamperini, an Olympic distance runner, World War II prisoner of war and the subject of an acclaimed biography by Laura Hillenbrand, has died at the age of 97.
Zamperini’s life was recounted in “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption,” and published in 2010.
He was a track star at USC, making [...]

Sports longform and soccer: An ideal match

TweetAs the World Cup got started a couple weeks ago I laid out a rambling summary of how various media outlets — including more traditional ones — were jumping on the soccer bandwagon.
What I didn’t do was get into was how the new longform sports sites have excelled in covering the sport all along. We’re [...]

Sports, the arts and the gloriously obscure

TweetOn Saturday night, while serendipitously flipping through channels, I reached ESPN Classic and for the first time watched “Bud Greenspan: At the Heart of the Games.”
This was released in early 2008, right before what would be Greenspan’s final Olympics in Beijing. It was a documentary film about how the Olympic documentary filmmaker came to [...]

Women writers on boxing, gender and culture

TweetThis week I’ve been devoting several posts stemming from Monday’s 42nd Title IX anniversary, with an emphasis on cultural issues relating to gender and sports. Here are previous posts:
• Title IX, sports and the culture of grievance
• Pop feminism hits the sports pages
• Sexuality, Pride and women’s basketball
• Diamond Dilemma: Women, softball and [...]

Diamond dilemma: Women, softball and baseball

TweetThis week I’m devoting several posts stemming from Monday’s 42nd Title IX anniversary, with an emphasis on cultural issues relating to gender and sports. Here are previous posts on “Title IX, sports and the culture of grievance,” “Pop feminism hits the sports pages” and “Sexuality, Pride and women’s basketball.”
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