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Baseball, winter and remembrance

TweetBefore the winter set in, Alex Belth penned this marvelous tribute to his late father and how “his remaining connection to the sport was the two Rogers, Roger Angell and Roger Kahn. They have been linked in my mind ever since.”
The SB Nation Longform article delves deeply into that linkage, what “The Old Man” [...]

The art of keeping Mr. January at bay

TweetFascinating read from Jeff Passan about how new MLB free agency rules designed to prevent Scott Boras from dominating the hot stove season have had a major impact well before the month began:
The new draft format included fixed bonus pools for teams based on the previous year’s record; the worst teams would get the [...]

Reeling from the Freel suicide

TweetMy former AJC colleague Mike Tierney talks to Christie Moore Freel, who was taken aback by news of her former husband’s death in spite the demons she knew he had fought for years:
I know a lot of people say they weren’t shocked by it, but I really was. I really thought, at some point, the [...]

New Year’s Eve, 40 years ago

TweetRoberto Clemente was lost to the world trying to help others in need.
Remembrances from ESPN Deportes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, USA Today, Craig Calcaterra.

Breaking bad, baseball writing category, 2012

TweetRob Neyer solicited reader nominations for the worst baseball writing of 2012 and, unsurprisingly, Mitch Albom’s name came up about his anti-statistical diatribe on Miguel Cabrera and the MVP.
Unlike a certain column in the past, Albom wasn’t making anything up in claiming “the eyes have it.” But it was fanciful in another way, popping off [...]

Refusing to exercise the Cooperstown franchise

TweetMark Haller of the Arizona Republic claims he’s “choosing to speak loudly by using silence” in declining to fill out a Hall of Fame ballot. But he has plenty more to say about why he’s doing what he’s (not) doing:
“The day of reckoning I’ve been dreading for five years — ever since Barry Bonds [...]

Steroids, moralizing and the Baseball Hall of Fame

TweetMy objections to the War on Steroids are not subtle, nor are they conflicted, as I have written here and here and here.
The caveat has always been that I’m more concerned about the public unaccountability of the taxpayer-funded USADA than athletes who are presumed guilty merely by being charged with doping. Including Lance Armstrong.
But expressing [...]

Call him Señor Octobre

TweetPablo Sandoval’s three home runs in Game 1 of the World Series have been matched only by Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols.
That two of these magnificent shots came off Justin Verlander is even more remarkable. Sandoval’s “Panda” nickname may also need an upgrade.

A pause before the World Series

TweetOne day between the National League Championship Series and the World Series is what’s been allotted, enough time for the Detroit Tigers to fly west for Game 1 tomorrow night against the San Francisco Giants.
Time — television time, to be specific — is all that matters now.
This clip from the “Baseball’s Golden Age” series has [...]

The decline of a sporting icon

TweetIt’s a rare alignment of the solar system when three sportswriters as disparate in writing style and temperament as Joe Posnanski, Jeff MacGregor and Buzz Bizzinger exude a similar tone and sentiment about Derek Jeter.
That’s because the New York Yankees’ shortstop and captain is one of the few sporting figures to enjoy nearly universal respect [...]