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It’s hard to call it labor when it doesn’t feel like work

TweetLabor Day in the United States is being observed today, and I thought I’d use the occasion to select some blog posts that I truly enjoyed putting together. What I discovered wasn’t surprising: The posts that were the most fun to write and ponder were those that best exemplified the intersection of sports and creativity […]

A boxing cathedral, yuppified

TweetThose who go to the former Gleason’s gym these days aren’t there to fight, but to stay in shape for its own sake: When Gleason’s left Manhattan in 1986, the gym had 200 members, 90% of whom were competitive fighters. Not a single woman belonged to the gym. Top-end pros like Gerry Cooney and Roberto […]

Friday arts: The boxing art of George Bellows

TweetJust as I’ve been enjoying digging into literature and art on boxing comes plenty of rave reviews about an exhibition of the work of American realist painter George Bellows. This summer the tour began at the National Gallery of Art in Washington and currently is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New […]

Skirting the issue on boxing attire

TweetThe Amateur International Boxing Association is now saying skirts are optional for competitors in the first women’s Olympic boxing tournament in London. Another first-world crisis has been averted. This optional position is probably the best, given the mixed opinions from the boxers. Some were incensed about what might have become compulsory; others were not. In […]

Are you ready for some women’s boxing?

TweetIt’s long been a cultural fascination. Most of the recent headlines have been complaints over the¬†supposedly demeaning and sexist attire female competitors will be wearing inside the rings at the London Games. Women’s boxing takes a huge competitive leap starting today when the U.S. Olympic trials get underway in Spokane. Finally, it’s about the boxing. […]