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The next thing you know, we’ll be wanting to vote

TweetCouldn’t resist taking a little dig at Jason Mcintyre’s Tweet about the Unbelievably Unbelievable Development of An Actual Woman Throwing Batting Practice at Spring Training! Well, these are the Cleveland Indians. Keep breaking down those barriers ladies, and we may actually see more photos of women on The Big Lead who are not in bikinis! […]

Bud Greenspan, equal opportunity Olympic documentarian

TweetThe Christmas Day death of Bud Greenspan, the official documentarian of the Olympics since 1984, is generating the typical fond remembrance pieces from the likes of Alan Abrahamson and Richard Sandomir, among others. What I found most striking about some of Greenspan’s “official” work is how he didn’t make distinctions between male and female athletes […]

How Geno being Geno baffled the miserable bastards

TweetSince there’s been a lot of drive-by commentary about the UConn women’s basketball streak from sportswriters who admit they don’t follow, nor do they much care, about the sport, a few simple lessons in interpreting Geno Auriemma are necessarily in order. But first, thank God for Bob Ryan. The legendary Boston Globe columnist and basketball […]

The women who can’t enjoy the UConn women’s streak

TweetEven before the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team won for the 87th consecutive time last week, some of the most vocal women’s sports advocates there are — affectionately known here as the Sisters of Perpetual Indignance — have felt especially anxious about the reaction to what they believe to be nothing less than (wo)man landing […]

What espnW is really all about

TweetSports business ace Kristi Dosh talks to espnW vice president Laura Gentile on the Forbes SportsMoney blog in response to some of the rather heated reaction to last week’s site launch, and says we’re missing the point entirely. It was never meant to cater specifically to women who are already hardcore sports fans, or to those […]

Now that espnW is up and running, what is it, exactly?

TweetI began hearing not long ago that espnW was coming online in December, and on the first Monday of the month the site indeed did go live. I haven’t looked thoroughly at all of the launch material, but a few thoughts did cross my mind as I perused: • There’s more men’s sports here than I […]

Finally! An acceptable pose for women athletes

TweetAnother women’s pro soccer team has bitten the dust — a team that just won a league championship, in fact — as that same league maneuvers yet again to stay in business. But in the land of the Sisters of Perpetual Indignance, where small-bore cultural issues trump all else in women’s sports, the Representation Obsessions […]

The wasted cultural obsessions of women’s sports

TweetForgive my tardiness in getting around to the case of Kye Allums, who plays for the women’s basketball team at George Washington University and is in the midst of a female-to-male transgender process. I was waiting for the tidal wave of coverage about Allums’ story — much of it sympathetic to his situation — to […]

‘It’s good to be a footy fan in Germany’

TweetLeander Schaerlaeckens assesses the improving quality of play in the Bundesliga and the fiscal restraints imposed by the league and figures it might be the best soccer product around. It’s certainly in the best financial health in all of Europe: “Not only do you get competitive matches, you don’t have to put a major dent […]

College athletes and domestic violence, revisited

TweetBravo to’s Dana O’Neil for this well-reported piece on the complicated backdrop of college athletes and domestic violence and how some universities are trying to address the problem. In particular, she was careful to point out that the case of George Huguely, a University of Virginia lacrosse player charged this spring with the murder […]