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The perfect paradox: Political ideology and sports

TweetNick Paumgarten has a terrific post at The New Yorker about the stylishness of golden age Soviet hockey in spite of the rigid Communist political system that spawned it. Anatoli Tarasov was appointed by Stalin after World War II to develop a powerhouse national program from scratch, and he tapped into some of the best […]

More hockey books than you ever thought existed

TweetWhile the National Hockey League remains on ice, the Los Angeles Review of Books serves up this long, luscious compendium of hockey books, beginning with an excerpt from a 1955 Sports Illustrated article about a New York Rangers-Montreal Canadiens game at Madison Square Garden: “[The game] seemed discorded and inconsequent, bizarre and paradoxical like the […]

Making it hard to like hockey

TweetTwice in my lifetime, a National Hockey League team has absconded from Atlanta for the sport’s native environs in Canada. When the beloved Atlanta Flames — and they will always remain beloved to me, for they were a team of my youth — headed to Calgary, I paid little attention to the NHL for at […]