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As the summer begins to fade away

TweetOne of the best vacations I ever took was quite a few years ago, in Colorado, where I had done things I rarely ever did and in some cases haven’t done since.
A friend had a time share in Breckenridge, and for a glorious week I filled my days with kayaking and canoeing, some hiking and [...]

Why sports fans are the way they are

TweetWhile I’m taking a summer break from the blog, I’m posting recent links about sports history, books, culture and the arts that I haven’t mentioned here before. If you have any suggestions on great sports reads you’d like to bring to my attention, contact me at Enjoy!
* * * * * * * * [...]

Taking some time off for the summer

TweetI’m going to step away from this blog for a while, and not just because we’re in the dog days of summer.
It’s a good time to take a break because my creative batteries are running low. The schedule I’ve developed for writing this blog needs to be re-evaluated. Somewhere along the way I need to [...]

Old school New Year’s celebration

Because this simply has never been bettered, and probably never will.
Good grief, this is older than I am.
Wishing everyone a terrific 2013!

Ringing out the auld

TweetAnd presaging what’s ahead while riffing on an Olympic theme, as only Kyle Whelliston can.

A ‘last bit of chivalry’ and a Christmas kickabout

TweetThe nephew of a British World War I veteran has come across a letter his uncle wrote about the famous 1914 Chrismas truce in the trenches around Ypres that included an impromptu game of soccer between the warring sides. Says Imperial War Museum historian James Taylor:
‘Various accounts of the truce exist so to have one [...]

From the rest of us, have one hell of a Festivus

TweetOn behalf of my fellow heathen secularists, we’re taking this day to indulge in our annual Airing of the Grievances.

The sports media’s rush to judgment on a tragedy

TweetOnly a few hours after Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs shot his girlfriend to death and then took his own life, grand pronouncements about the cause of this tragedy predictably made their way into publication, and on television airwaves.
With only threadbare facts available to them beyond the deaths that left an infant girl [...]

An extra helping of Thanksgiving week’s best sports links

TweetWith college football rivalry games on the slate this weekend, The Wall Street Journal’s Matthew Futterman takes a long look at a signature event that’s threatened by continuing realignment, conference championship games and, starting in 2014, a four-team playoff for the national title.
As of this season’s there’s no more Texas-Texas A & M game, nor [...]

A rededication of labor to this blog

TweetWhen I created Extracurriculars two years ago, I set out to explore away-from-the-field matters in sports.
Since that’s just as expansive a category as the games, I realized I was risking becoming too broad and unfocused. And for a while, it did seem that way.
In the last year or so, I’ve devoted much of the space [...]