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More Belthian quality comes to the Interwebs

TweetAlex Belth — one of this blog’s favorites — is expanding his curatorial powers with a new feature on Deadspin called The Stacks.
He describes it as a “blog devoted to classic magazine and newspaper writing,” most of it sports, but not all. The initial posts are reprints of pieces by Gay Talese, John Schulian and [...]

More Lance Armstrong media schadenfreude to come

TweetI’ve never been all that conflicted about doping in sports.
This probably makes me an amoral, if not evil, American to some.
As I have watched Tour de France cyclists pedal high into the Alps over the years, I have thought to myself more than once: “If they’re not taking something, they’re crazy.”
Before there were anabolic steroids, [...]

The rare art of running from the sports media herd

TweetI know of only a small handful of people who are so innately independent-minded, so stubbornly (in a good way) committed to the clarity of vision for their work that no institution can contain them.
One of those people is my father, now a retired home builder who left the world of working for cookie-cutter contracting [...]

A missing byline resurfaces, if only for a moment

TweetNow employed full-time in the main office of Wieden+Kennedy, Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko fame explains on The Awl his break from writing. It includes, but is hardly limited to, his becoming a father last year:
I don’t feel like I fell from grace, though. Anyone remotely acquainted with the realities of publishing—especially for those of [...]

Speak up, we can’t hear you

TweetAt Deadspin, John Koblin points out Michael Wilbon’s laments about what the latter thinks is a lack of stellar sportswriting from the past year, then sets up the ex-Washington Postie perfectly as a segue for rolling out the best sports shouters of 2012:
What better example than Wilbon himself, co-host of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption—a man [...]

Resolving to stay true to this ideal

TweetThe last few paragraphs of “The Franchise,” Michael MacCambridge’s 1997 history of Sports Illustrated that I finished reading over the weekend, summarize far more than the essence of a magazine that changed the way Americans look at the world of sports.
They come closer to anything I’ve read since Michael Novak’s “Joy of Sports” in underscoring [...]

More muckraking delights at Yahoo! Sports

TweetRight before Christmas, Yahoo! Sports launched a new investigative sports blog, Not for Attribution, featuring posts from Charles Robinson, among others. Thus far it has gone heavy on, but has not been limited to, NCAA and college recruiting issues.
Counting down to the anticipated attack from Jason Whitlock.

More year-end best sportswriting lists, con’t

TweetFor Longreads, here’s Jamie Mottram of the USA Today Sports Media Group, who like his colleague Dan Shanoff gave Tom Scocca’s Deadspin piece on the Baltimore Orioles exalted status, as well as Charlie Pierce on Robert Griffin III.
David Roth of The Classical has an eclectic non-sports list, which he explains in terms of stylistic points [...]

More year-end best sportswriting lists

TweetThis one from Dan Shanoff, who sold his sports aggregator Quickish to the USA Today Sports Media Group during 2012 and continued to round up great links as he joined its ranks.
His top 12 didn’t include my favorite, Wright Thompson’s great piece from Lionel Messi’s hometown of Rosário, Argentina, which was included in the lengthy [...]

The easiest sportswriter low-hanging fruit ever picked

TweetGawker’s “50 Least Important Writers of 2012″ is beyond savage, and even beyond snark, which is refreshing. Some usual suspects abound from the world of sports, but I won’t spoil the fun here. Click the link, admire the editors for poking fun at themselves, and revel in this blustery takedown of a certain Grantland contributor [...]