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American female exceptionalism at the Olympics

TweetKeeping tabs on which country is “winning” the Olympics — and we know which country this is — is one of the most jingoistic activities of an already jingoistic event, at least what is presented to American viewers.
Much has been made about the success of U.S. women athletes at the London Olympics, and there is [...]

A different kind of sexist male sportswriting

TweetThe reaction to Jeré Longman’s story on American Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones in The New York Times Sunday was as swift and harsh as his piece that slammed her for waging “a sad and cynical marketing campaign” around her sex appeal, in lieu of what he claims are any significant athletic accomplishments:
“Women have struggled for decades [...]

Solo shots and the Saudi Olympic predicament

TweetAs the Hope Solo-Brandi Chastain feud sucks up American media attention in London, the matter of other female athletes touted by Western women’s sports activists has flown under the radar since their notable entrance during the Opening Ceremony Sunday night.
Late yesterday an agreement was reached for Saudi Arabian judoka Wojdan Shaherkani to compete with a [...]

Ways of seeing women’s athletic bodies, con’t

TweetMy post yesterday about female athletes and posing nude for magazines prompted Laura Taylor, one of my Twitter followers, to dust off a 12-year-old open letter she sent to USA Today columnist Christine Brennan, the now-defunct SI for Women magazine and Gary Miller, then of ESPN (!).
The essential point in this sharply written missive (and [...]

Women’s pedaling and peddling a familiar line

TweetOutside magazine takes a long look at the world of women’s cycling, but it’s less about the sport and more a curation of wailing about why it doesn’t get the media attention its supporters believe it deserves.
No story along these lines would be complete without the obligatory academic feminist stock quote, in this case from [...]

Symbolism and female Saudi athletes

TweetInternational pressure on Saudi Arabia to send women athletes to the London Olympics has paid off. But some working to improve the plight of females in sports and life in that country are skeptical it has more than symbolic value. Says Saudi sports website editor Ahmed al-Marzooqi:
“We are still disappointed here. I should be happy [...]

Hope Solo and the selling of women’s sports

TweetHope Solo is once again in the news for some of the wrong reasons – being warned for a positive test for a substance she takes for pre-menstrual purposes and discussing athletes’ debauchery at the 2008 Olympics.
The U.S. women’s national soccer team goalkeeper is either a breath of fresh air or hot air, depending on your [...]

‘Beyond Title IX’ excerpt: ‘Who is a Woman?’

TweetThe final part of my new book “Beyond Title IX:  The Cultural Lament of Women’s Sports,” includes many more calls to eliminate sex-segregated athletic competition than I imagined there would be when I began doing the research.
Some women’s sports advocates have argued that Title IX has ensured what they contend is second-class status by legally [...]

‘Beyond Title IX’ excerpt: ‘Why Sex is More Fun Than Gender’

TweetThe third part of my new book “Beyond Title IX: The Cultural Laments of Women’s Sports” deals with what I refer to as the “representation obsessions” of so-called women’s sports advocates, and the portrayal of female athletes in the media.
When women athletes pose suggestively in magazines, with or without clothing, some of these ultra-feminist “sport [...]

‘Beyond Title IX’ excerpt: ‘Tales From the Pink Locker Room’

TweetToday’s excerpt from my new book: “Beyond Title IX: The Cultural Laments of Women’s Sports,” details a prominent Title IX blogger’s first bout with media attention not that many years ago. But the national notoriety surrounding the Pink Locker Room at the University of Iowa is something that Erin Buzuvis does not mention these days, [...]