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Who decides what is a sport?

TweetLast week USA Today wrote about the growing popularity of flag football for girls in high schools, especially in Florida, where it is a state championship sport. Flag football also has been introduced at the varsity level in Washington, D.C., and is growing as a club sport in parts of Texas. More girls coming out […]

Pat Summitt and the power of personality

TweetThe sport that Pat Summitt helped transform is going through a massive upheaval just as she steps away from the sideline. The designation last month of the Tennessee Lady Vols legend as “head coach emeritus” added to the more than 60 head coach openings in women’s Division I college basketball in one of the busiest […]

A clarion call for Title IX reform

TweetI don’t imagine Sports Illustrated or espnW will be inclined to get into this at all during their rhapsodic celebrations of Title IX, but there are those who believe the law needs to be re-evaluated after 40 years — and even reformed. And, contrary to what you may hear, they are not all people who […]

Ways of rating female athletes

TweetBoth espnW and Sports Illustrated have compiled lists of the Top 40 women athletes of the Title IX era, and they’re both revealing in their approaches. First of all, SI‘s list is already done and available on one link, in a very compelling photo gallery. There are some notable omissions. No Dot Richardson, softball gold […]

Historic moment for unflappable, undefeated Baylor

TweetDENVER — Ken Starr was thumbing his smartphone as Kim Mulkey speculated about the response to Baylor’s NCAA women’s basketball championship Tuesday night. “At Baylor they used to not let the Baptists dance,” Mulkey said. “I’ll bet they’re dancing now.” A shell-shocked Notre Dame (35-4), which lost to Texas A & M in last year’s […]

The Southern swagger of Kim Mulkey

TweetDENVER — She has one eye that barely blinks and a side of her mouth that doesn’t move because of a recent diagnosis with Bell’s palsy. None of that deters Kim Mulkey from looking the questioner straight in the eye and telling her exactly what she thinks. Especially if the question is meant to put […]

If you leave them open, they will shoot

TweetDENVER — On a night when the undercard trumped the main event, two players barely mentioned in the buildup to the Women’s Final Four were the unexpected, and undisputed stars. Fifth-year Notre Dame senior Brittany Mallory was left open by UConn┬ánot just once, but twice, in overtime of Sunday’s first semifinal game, and she burned […]

In defense of elitism at the Women’s Final Four

TweetDENVER — One of the most refreshing storylines about this Women’s Final Four is the fact that for the first time since 1989, all No. 1 seeds have advanced. In a sport where the handwringing over the lack of parity is an abiding concern, should “chalk” be applauded? Absolutely, because of ┬áthe star power that […]

Gender and coaching women’s basketball, Part II

TweetI had no sooner pushed the button on yesterday’s post on the issue of gender and coaching women’s basketball than ESPN The Magazine, as part of the Worldwide Leader’s flood the zone Title IX coverage, published “The Glass Wall” on the same topic, but that reached an entirely different conclusion. Written by Luke Cyphers and […]

Gender and coaching women’s basketball

TweetThe moves of Wisconsin-Green Bay coach Matt Bollant to Illinois and Bowling Green’s Curt Miller to Indiana this week raised a different set of eyebrows than they might have a decade or so ago. In leaving established, NCAA-successful women’s mid-major teams for long-downtrodden Big Ten programs, Bollant and Miller represent the kinds of hires some […]