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Midweek books: Baseball summer reading list

TweetOn Wednesday I highlight a few noteworthy new sports books, with links to reviews, interviews and other information about the subject and/or author. The official start of summer in America has arrived with the Memorial Day holiday weekend, which is a good time to finally plow into a growing stack of mostly new baseball books […]

Saving a museum for a forgotten team

TweetSome good news for sports museums, which were challenged for visitors and revenues even before the recession: The Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society has been saved from likely closure. The small museum devoted to a largely unsuccessful team that left that town nearly 60 years ago┬ámoved into trophy company space as part of the reconstituted Philadelphia […]

No shortage of topics for baseball history books

TweetRobert Birnbaum surveys newly-released baseball books at The Daily Beast — many of them in an historical vein, of course — and as usual I came across something unanticipated and refreshingly welcome. In addition to Stuart Banner’s history of the antitrust exemption, Dennis D’Agostino’s salute to legendary baseball writers and Robert Weintraub’s examination of the […]

A pause before the World Series

TweetOne day between the National League Championship Series and the World Series is what’s been allotted, enough time for the Detroit Tigers to fly west for Game 1 tomorrow night against the San Francisco Giants. Time — television time, to be specific — is all that matters now. This clip from the “Baseball’s Golden Age” […]

The pastime and memory, from a distant shore

Tweet“Despite the perennial warnings of baseball Cassandras, time has yet to pass baseball by. What remains to be seen is not whether the game will survive, but how Americans in a rapidly changing world will again reinterpret and reinvent their national pastime.” The conclusion to Jules Tygiel’s elegant meditation, “Past Time: Baseball as History,” isn’t […]