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More year-end best sportswriting lists, con’t

TweetFor Longreads, here’s Jamie Mottram of the USA Today Sports Media Group, who like his colleague Dan Shanoff gave Tom Scocca’s Deadspin piece on the Baltimore Orioles exalted status, as well as Charlie Pierce on Robert Griffin III. David Roth of The Classical has an eclectic non-sports list, which he explains in terms of stylistic […]

More year-end best sportswriting lists

TweetThis one from Dan Shanoff, who sold his sports aggregator Quickish to the USA Today Sports Media Group during 2012 and continued to round up great links as he joined its ranks. His top 12 didn’t include my favorite, Wright Thompson’s great piece from Lionel Messi’s hometown of Ros├írio, Argentina, which was included in the […]