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Sports History Files: The original sins of college football

TweetThe violence, crippling injuries, academic short cuts and other dysfunctional components of the present-day world of college football are hardly new. Nor do they date back only a half-century or so, when the NCAA finally modernized in the early 1950s, cracked down on rule-breakers and reigned in athletic departments that wanted to cut their own […]

The wider lens on televised women’s basketball

TweetThose lamenting the supposed invisibility of women’s sports on television should read every word of this story in Sunday’s Indianapolis Star by Jeff Rabjohns about the wealth of women’s basketball games available on the Big Ten Network. The cable outlet has shown nearly 60 games this season, including the just-completed conference tournament, and this has […]

What I’m reading and writing, April 30

Tweet• Via Andrew Nusca, aka @editorialiste on Twitter, comes this piece in The Economist about the rise of “writers mills” and the challenging prospects of freelancers making a sufficient living. Demand Media is making a killing off low-paid contributors (and selling stories to a growing list of news media outlets that have been shedding hundreds […]