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Diamond dilemma: Women, softball and baseball

TweetThis week I’m devoting several posts stemming from Monday’s 42nd Title IX anniversary, with an emphasis on cultural issues relating to gender and sports. Here are previous posts on “Title IX, sports and the culture of grievance,” “Pop feminism hits the sports pages” and “Sexuality, Pride and women’s basketball.” * * * * * * […]

Who decides what is a sport?

TweetLast week USA Today wrote about the growing popularity of flag football for girls in high schools, especially in Florida, where it is a state championship sport. Flag football also has been introduced at the varsity level in Washington, D.C., and is growing as a club sport in parts of Texas. More girls coming out […]

Never mind the gender gap in sports

TweetThe producers of the Title IX documentary “In the Game” Tweeted a link to this ESPN story over the weekend about the paucity of women in action sports. The headline, “Gender Gap,” sums up so much of the wrong-headed approach to gauging the progress of women in sports, especially in the mainstream media. Says writer […]

Feeling a little less lonely on the cheerleading front

Tweet• I’ve spent some fascinating hours researching the status of women’s sports around the world, and it certainly puts into a more realistic perspective the recent skirmishes over Title IX that I’ve been blogging about here and elsewhere. Since no other country has a law mandating sports offerings as Title IX does in the United […]