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More thoughts on Title IX, football and proportionality

TweetQuite a bit has transpired since I wrote here last week about the growing clamor over Title IX and the proportionality debate that isn’t new, but has taken on a fresh dimension: • First of all, in a column that slams the graft and corruption of college football, George Vecsey of The New York Times on Saturday […]

On self-righteous indignation — the good kind

TweetGeorge Washington University English professor Margaret Soltan writes about higher education run amok on her University Diaries blog, with the most heavily-posted category being — not surprisingly — “sport.” Read through it and howl! She’s now got her spot on this modest site’s blogroll.

There ought to be a law against it

TweetSports legal beagle Brian Goff thinks Mark Yost’s Wall Street Journal take on the Reggie Bush saga misses quite a few points, and typically overreaches with moralizing that sportswriters apparently cannot resist on subjects like these.

Painful considerations at Cal-Berkeley

TweetA faculty committee on intercollegiate sports is recommending cutting five to seven sports to reduce the Golden Bears’ huge athletic department deficit. If you’re keeping a Title IX scorecard at home, women make up 53 percent of the undergraduate student body at Berkeley, while women account for only 41 percent of the athletes. You do […]

All in the service of ‘amateur’ athletics, of course

TweetThe Chronicle of Higher Education adds up the salaries of the 14 highest-paid NCAA executives and comes up with a grand total of $6 million for the 2008-09 academic year. New president Mark Emmert’s salary hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s speculated to be in the $1 million annual range, around the same as his predecessor, the […]

The honeymoon’s still on for SEC, ESPN

TweetA year into their extremely lucrative relationship, the SEC and ESPN want to kick it up a few more notches. Good reporting here by John Solomon of the Birmingham News.

As the college sports arms race escalates. . .

TweetBudgets for men’s and women’s non-revenue college sports are exploding — Ohio State AD Gene Smith estimates salaries in Olympic sports have “tripled” in the past decade and a half. As Joe Drape and Katie Thomas report for The New York Times, there are plenty of bonuses and incentives on the line, and all the […]

What I’m reading and writing, June 10

Tweet• At Atlanta Soccer News I followed up a theme I addressed here yesterday about who’s a real soccer fan and who’s not with another World Cup set to begin. • The world of college athletics is breaking apart with Colorado announcing it has accepted an invitation to join the Pac 10 Conference. The Big […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 3

TweetMondays for me are a treat — I know, Mondays. But the first thing I try to get to on Monday morning is reading through the latest edition of Sports Business Journal (subscription). What caught my eye today above all is the big-business realism of new NCAA chief executive Mark Emmert, who towed the organization’s […]