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More thoughts on Title IX, football and proportionality

TweetQuite a bit has transpired since I wrote here last week about the growing clamor over Title IX and the proportionality debate that isn’t new, but has taken on a fresh dimension:
• First of all, in a column that slams the graft and corruption of college football, George Vecsey of The New York Times on Saturday piled [...]

On self-righteous indignation — the good kind

TweetGeorge Washington University English professor Margaret Soltan writes about higher education run amok on her University Diaries blog, with the most heavily-posted category being — not surprisingly — “sport.”
Read through it and howl!
She’s now got her spot on this modest site’s blogroll.

There ought to be a law against it

TweetSports legal beagle Brian Goff thinks Mark Yost’s Wall Street Journal take on the Reggie Bush saga misses quite a few points, and typically overreaches with moralizing that sportswriters apparently cannot resist on subjects like these.

Painful considerations at Cal-Berkeley

TweetA faculty committee on intercollegiate sports is recommending cutting five to seven sports to reduce the Golden Bears’ huge athletic department deficit.
If you’re keeping a Title IX scorecard at home, women make up 53 percent of the undergraduate student body at Berkeley, while women account for only 41 percent of the athletes.
You do the math.

All in the service of ‘amateur’ athletics, of course

TweetThe Chronicle of Higher Education adds up the salaries of the 14 highest-paid NCAA executives and comes up with a grand total of $6 million for the 2008-09 academic year. New president Mark Emmert’s salary hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s speculated to be in the $1 million annual range, around the same as his predecessor, the [...]

The honeymoon’s still on for SEC, ESPN

TweetA year into their extremely lucrative relationship, the SEC and ESPN want to kick it up a few more notches.
Good reporting here by John Solomon of the Birmingham News.

As the college sports arms race escalates. . .

TweetBudgets for men’s and women’s non-revenue college sports are exploding — Ohio State AD Gene Smith estimates salaries in Olympic sports have “tripled” in the past decade and a half. As Joe Drape and Katie Thomas report for The New York Times, there are plenty of bonuses and incentives on the line, and all the [...]

What I’m reading and writing, June 10

Tweet• At Atlanta Soccer News I followed up a theme I addressed here yesterday about who’s a real soccer fan and who’s not with another World Cup set to begin.
• The world of college athletics is breaking apart with Colorado announcing it has accepted an invitation to join the Pac 10 Conference. The Big 12’s [...]

What I’m reading and writing, May 3

TweetMondays for me are a treat — I know, Mondays.
But the first thing I try to get to on Monday morning is reading through the latest edition of Sports Business Journal (subscription). What caught my eye today above all is the big-business realism of new NCAA chief executive Mark Emmert, who towed the organization’s party [...]