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Labor Day Weekend Special: Late summer sports reads

TweetInstead of my usual Monday Sports History File post, I’m offering up this collection of outstanding stories from the last week or so that dovetail with the sports book/history/culture theme of this blog. I really do appreciate the labor of these writers.
I’ll be back with another Midweek Books post on Wednesday, and it’s about a [...]

Midweek books: Soul-searching and college football, con’t

TweetOn Wednesday I highlight noteworthy new sports books, with links to reviews, interviews and other information about the subject and/or author.
A new season of college football typically brings a wave of new books about what’s wrong with the game, and what might be done about it.
This season is no different, and already a few [...]

Sports History Files: College football’s eternal seduction

TweetIn his informative, well-researched history of college football on television that was published nearly a decade ago, Alabama sportswriter Keith Dunnavant entitled his book “The 50 Year Seduction.”
The uneasy alliance between television networks and college football powerhouse schools began more or less around 1950, until the NCAA, fearing money losses at the gate, supressed greater [...]

The rogue origins of college football’s television odyssey

TweetTo discover one of the first institutions of higher learning to strike an entrepreneurial path in the burgeoning post-World War II business of college football, you must travel to an unlikely destination.
It is a place not to be found in the sleepy villages of the Deep South, or on the hearty land-grant behemoths of the [...]

As Syracuse wins the 1958 NFL championship game

TweetJeff MacGregor went to the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium Saturday, but there was nothing evocative about the experience:
In life and in sports, these fictions of history are a more seductive reality. This is especially so at Yankee Stadium, itself a time machine and a tomb and a shrine to better days, a replica of [...]

As the rage over ‘roids continues to be the rage

TweetAndy Hutchins asks the essential question about the AP’s examination of PED use in college football:
“So the point of this ‘BOO THERE ARE STEROIDS IN SPORTS’ report is what?”
That is the point, and Tim Keown is happy to pile on:
“High school kids are getting and using steroids with the complicit approval of their parents [...]

The story of the original Johnny Heisman

TweetJohnny Manziel’s heartfelt speech upon winning the Heisman Trophy Saturday undoubtedly would have made the honor’s namesake proud.
For as fearlessly — and occasionally brashly — as the Texas A & M quarterback plays the game, earning him the nickname “Johnny Football,” his humility in the wake of being the first freshman to win the award [...]

Much more than sports as mere entertainment

Tweet“Those who think that sports are merely entertainment have been bemused by an entertainment culture.”

– Michael Novak, “The Joy of Sports”

For those who insist that the commercial colossus of major college football has no soul, that it is played out primarily for television audiences in the pursuit of maximum ratings by teams that use unscrupulous [...]

Best sports reads and links, Sept. 15

TweetRounding up some of the most intriguing reads I’ve come across this week, posted on Sports Biblio, my experimental Tumblr companion to this site, or that I have Tweeted and collected elsewhere:

Pigskin Progessivism — George Will’s war on football, American-style, now seems to blame the political movement popularized by (an unnamed) Teddy Roosevelt for the [...]

The difference .009 makes

TweetThe Bowl Championship Series computer spit out an extremely tiny difference between second-place Alabama and third-place Oklahoma State in setting up the all-SEC rematch many are dreading. (Officially, the computer gap is .0086, but who’s counting? The math still edges out the Cowboys.)
Oklahoma State’s fatal flaw, Gregg Doyel asserts, is that it’s not in the [...]