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The fate of the non-revenue NCAA athlete

TweetOn Monday my post is generally related to a timely sports topic prominently in the news, is focused on the business of sports or covers a sports subject at random. * * * * * * * * I don’t know much about law, economics, business, marketing, public relations, television rights and industrial organization. I […]

How the Big Ten got back to 10

TweetThis week’s blockbuster announcements that Maryland and Rutgers are joining the Big Ten and leaving the ACC and Big East, respectively, to fend for themselves, has reopened college athletic realignment machinations once again, and they figure to go on for a while. Just weeks after Notre Dame announced it was leaving the Big East and […]

And now college athletics ‘reform’ season begins

TweetAlabama had barely hoisted the BCS national championship trophy late Monday night when the long-winded explications of the entire college athletic landscape were being churned out. Actually, those missives have been continuing for a good long while. But in the context of a remarkable and dispiriting college football season — fraught with realignment, record streams […]

The Big East and the Far East

TweetWhile Big East Commissioner John Marinatto reaches all the way to San Diego to keep his crumbling league together, Larry Scott, his Pac 12 counterpart, continues to make himself the most intriguing figure in college athletics. After pulling off a record-setting Pac 12 television contract this spring, Scott is looking to the Far East to extend […]

How women have held back women’s sports

TweetThis is the third in a series entitled “Women’s Sports Without Illusions” that critically examines the nearly four decades of the women’s sports movement, including Title IX, cultural and social developments, the growth of professional and international women’s sports and current challenges and issues. All posts in this series can be found here. The standard narrative script […]