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Flip flops at the Fall Classic

TweetSportswriters don’t like to be told what to do — especially from editors. They especially hate to be told what to wear. So it’s not surprising there would be some pushback from last week’s Major League Baseball announcement that all credentialed journalists would need to follow the guidelines of a dress code, the first created by […]

Did I ask you to go to bat for me?

TweetThat’s the question Ines Sainz is raising as she continues to keep her name in the news while confirming my initial suspicions about all of this: that the flames over her appearance in the New York Jets locker room were also fanned by the Association for Women in Sports Media, which she claims never consulted […]

The absolute final take on Sainz — I promise

TweetLet’s get the silly stuff out of the way first: USA Today‘s Christine Brennan thinks the New York Jets should be penalized for the Ines Sainz flap. This is the same Christine Brennan who not long ago teed off on Erin Andrews for “playing to the frat house” but now writes this: “Some want to make […]

When it’s hard to be taken seriously

TweetYesterday I figured I was among the few women sports journalists taking issue with my sisters in the business about Ines Sainz. ESPN.com‘s Jemelle Hill feels the same way: “But isn’t it fair, too, to wonder whether Sainz’s flirty, fluffy reporting style might blur the lines for the players? I have a hard time believing […]

‘What happened to Sainz is bigger than her’

TweetKevin Blackistone of FanHouse reads from the gospel of the women’s sports media organization that appears to be more worked up over what happened to Ines Sainz than the Mexican TV reporter herself: “What happened to Sainz is bigger than her. “What happened to Sainz is why the NFL in 1985 implemented a policy mandating […]

Are you here to cover the story, or be the story?

TweetWhen Deadspin has the proper perspective on the alleged mistreatment of Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz by the New York Jets, then what does that say about this whole flap? While the NFL ought to come down hard on the Jets if these accusations are true, the actions of more than a few boorish players […]