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Sexuality, domestic violence and the sports media herd

TweetLast week, Tony Dungy’s comments about Michael Sam and Roger Goodell’s two-game suspension of Ray Rice revealed quite a bit about an American sports media that continues to ditch journalistic rigor about issues involving gender, sexuality and domestic violence. (I posted recently about pop feminism invading the sports pages, and that was evident last week.) […]

Malcontent scribes and linemen; dialing for college football dollars; lucrative losing in Pittsburgh

Tweet• At Extracurriculars I spent far too much time and too many words on the sorry sagas of Jason Whitlock, Jay Mariotti and sportswriters who insist on becoming the story. I’ll leave it to Deadspin to put the proper shine on the self-parodic figure that Whitlock has become: “Jason Whitlock is Richard Hofstadter, if Ponderosa were […]