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Touching the cultural third rail of sports and gender

TweetMy “Outside the Lines” appearance Sunday prompted the understandable and passionate response from gay and transgender sports advocate Pat Griffin that I thought it would, although that was never my purpose in saying what I did. I responded on her blog, and I do appreciate Pat being a rare sports-and-gender blogger who opens up her site […]

Will it always be a cause; can it ever be a sport?

TweetThat’s a question that comes up a lot in women’s basketball and in women’s sports in general, and it’s one that I find fascinating but ultimately frustrating. This morning, hours before the Women’s Final Four tipped off in Indianapolis, I appeared on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” program to discuss Kye Allums, the George Washington University […]

The wasted cultural obsessions of women’s sports

TweetForgive my tardiness in getting around to the case of Kye Allums, who plays for the women’s basketball team at George Washington University and is in the midst of a female-to-male transgender process. I was waiting for the tidal wave of coverage about Allums’ story — much of it sympathetic to his situation — to […]